As you probably know by now, I am a big fan of simple, inexpensive remedies by which you have little to lose and something to gain. One palliative treatment I have enjoyed is called earthing (aka grounding), which in simplest explanation, involves having skin contact with the earth, such as walking barefoot on the grass. Earthing is based on the premise that connecting to the earth’s natural energy is the foundation for optimal health. 


Our bodies have electrical energy.  As a result of electromagnetic radiation, particularly from mobile phones and Wi-Fi, for example, our bodies have a lot of positive electrons.  These positive electrons in the form of free radicals can then be balanced out via a negative grounding charge. The hypothesis is that by grounding one can enjoy improvement with inflammation, sleep, blood pressure, stress, and pain, to name a few. For more information on earthing, you can read the book, Earthing:  The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!  which can be purchased at for under $10.

Several years ago, I purchased a grounding mat for $60 so I could do earthing in the comfort of my home during the winter months when skin contact with the earth is simply not feasible.  I was personally concerned with the amount of electromagnetic radiation exposure caused by the amount of time I spent on my computer at home and work, as well as radiation from my Smartphone.  Like most palliative treatments, this is not a cure for my chronic illnesses, but I do enjoy taking complete control of health and enjoying small improvements however and wherever I can. 

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